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outer space

Name: Art
Age: 22
Location: NYC
Do you prefer a [x]male or [ ] female stamp or [ ] don't care?
Do you prefer a [ ] fantasy or [ ] sci-fi stamp or [ ] don't care or [x] both?

getting to know you
Positive characteristics: determined, gracious, loyal, intelligent, polite, ambitious, creative, love learning and negotiation
Negative characteristics: overly concerned with appearances, stubborn, occasionally jealous or envious, "weird", physically weak, emotionally unstable, a bit indecisive
Neutral characteristics: pacifistic, emotionally distant or withholding, perfectionism, independence
Quote that describes you: "Tell me how it feels to like yourself because I don't know"

Motto that you live by (if different from above): “Courage does not mean that you are not afraid. Doing something that you are not afraid of is easy. Doing or facing something that you are afraid of takes courage.”

these are a few of my favorite things

Give an explanation if needed.
Color: blue
Animal: lion
Mythical creature: lol cyclops
Extinct animal: Mexican Sidewinder rattle snake
Fantasy novel: The Divine Comedy
Sci-fi novel: Ralph 124C 41+
Other novel: The Fountainhead
Fantasy movie: Wizard of Oz
Sci-fi movie: Metropolis
Other movie: Touch of Evil
Fantasy/Sci-fi tv show: Firefly
Other tv show: House
Time period: 1920s or 50s America
Non-fantasy/sci-fi hero and heroine:

Song with a sample of lyrics: Now the dark begins to rise
Save your breath, its far from over
Leave the lost and dead behind
Now's your chance to run for cover
I don't want to change the world,
I just want to leave it colder
Light the fuse and burn it up
Take the path that leads to nowhere

All is lost again, but I'm not giving in

I will not bow, I will not break
I will shut the world away
I will not fall, I will not fade
I will take your breath away

Watch the end through dying eyes
Now the dark is taking over
Show me where forever dies
Take the fall and run to heaven

And I'll survive, paranoid
I have lost the will to change
And I am not proud, cold blooded fake
I will shut the world away

this or that
Are you more –there is room for both; please explain.
Abstract or Concrete: Mostly concrete...sometimes too concrete...I think I'm concrete...Abstract to everyone else
Adventurous or Homey: I love adventures, as long as I can control the circumstances...otherwise homey
Agreeable or Distant: My distance is my being agreeable
Cheerful or Melancholy: Uh...neither
Clever or Pretty: Both. All the time.
Concise or Wordy: Well I think it's enough but wordy I guess...too wordy
Creative or Traditional: Both, traditional thought, creative in action
Emotional or Logical: Logical
Extroverted or Introverted: Introverted
Fighter or Lover: Lover, but distant...I'm competitive, but not really a fighter...I prefer to let others fight for me...
Flexible or Stubborn: STUBBORN, it's a flaw
Free-spirited or Practical: Practical
Goody-two-shoes or Naughty: Most people see me as a Goody-goody, what they don't know could fill volumes
Helpless or Independent: Helplessly Independent
Impulsive or Planner: Planner
Mental or Physical: Mostly cerebral
Modest or Vain: Modest on the surface
Subdued or Vivacious: Subdued

test me; know me
The follow questions are optional – if you know the answer, please respond. If you are unsure, feel free to leave blank.
What is your Myers-Briggs personality type? Would you agree? ( Test ) ISTJ, Reliable Realist, sure, why not, seems to just repeat all I already have been saying.
What are your highest intelligences according to Gardner? Visual, Logical, Linguistic, Naturalistic, Musical
What is your alignment? Lawful Neutral-acts as law, tradition, or a personal code directs him. Order and organization are paramount to him. He may believe in personal order and live by a code or standard, or he may believe in order for all and favor a strong, organized government. Lawful neutral is the best alignment you can be because it means you are reliable and honorable without being a zealot. However, lawful neutral can be a dangerous alignment because it seeks to eliminate all freedom, choice, and diversity in society.
What is your zodiac symbol? Does it fit you? ( Western / Chinese / Celtic ) Capricorn, Chinese-Earth Dog Good heart, quiet in case of trouble. Loyal and happy, your sense of friendship makes you a friend Popular. Marry early, successfully treated the other, Wealth exposed, Gesture quiet wealth, Celtic Birch-The Achiever
Do you have any siblings? What order are you? None that survived. Youngest.
Would you consider yourself religious or spiritual? To a degree.

would you rather
These are very extreme opposites, meant to be difficult to choose. Pretend you're being forced to decided one or the other.
Sacrifice yourself to save your friends or save them by marrying the villain? Aren't those the same things? Marry the villain then, because I'd still be alive
Fight to the death or have someone else rescue you? Have someone else rescue me, although usually I try to exhaust every skill and resource I can before resorting to asking for help
Live in a land of deadly dinosaurs, atrocious aliens, or mythical monsters? Aliens, I imagine there's a lot we can learn from each other
Wear a crown or corset or combat boots? Or all three? All three, definitely...
Sneak into the enemy’s lair or break down the front door guns a-blazing? Sneak attack is always preferred
Have superpowers and have thousands of enemies or be ordinary and forgettable, but safe? Superpowers...guarantee safety
Live with your loving family, but never leave home or not have anyone close to you, but go on adventures? I probably do the latter more...

the hero in all of us
Would you travel in a group or be a loner? What role in the group would you fill? Loner, or occasionally leader, or prospector, of a few people I might need, here and there
What would be your costume? Nothing fancy, casual, practical wear
What would be your weapon of choice? Derringer pistol
Would you have a sidekick or pet? No
Any special powers? Maybe charisma and the ability to speak in the language of all living things
If you could invent any device, what would it be and what would it do? I'm always inventing things, but what I'm probably best known for is the more finely tuned version of the odometer -- in case you ever wanted to know how far you traveled in minutes, kilometers, days for those long journeys across country
What sub-genre would you be a part of? (romance/comedy/action…) I have no sense of humor, so not comedy, but maybe it's a comedy to other people, I don't know...drama...suspense...political thriller...the most awkward romance ever
What conflict would you prefer? (man v. man, man v. wild…) man v. self, man v. nature, man v. comedy

look at me
Completely optional; post 1-3 pictures of yourself. Feel free to add pictures to the above sections to help voters know more about you. Please keep pictures decent and small; smaller than 500x500.

Please link to ALL unstamped applications that you have voted on.

anything else?

[Voters, the list of available stamps is here]


( 8 votes — Vote )
Apr. 26th, 2011 07:26 am (UTC)
Fantasy: There isn't one that fits perfectly, but I think the closest might be Harry Potter.
Sci-fi: Again, not perfect but I'm thinking The Doctor.
May. 23rd, 2011 09:44 pm (UTC)
Gonna agree Dr. Who and...hmm...King Arthur...really want to say Sarah Williams
Jun. 30th, 2011 08:08 pm (UTC)
Fantasy: Westley
Sci-Fi: The Doctor
Jun. 30th, 2011 08:49 pm (UTC)
Sci-Fi: I am not very original, but I agree with the above votes for The Doctor.

Fantasy: Your negative traits ( , stubborn, occasionally jealous or envious, "weird", emotionally unstable, a bit indecisive) reminded me a lot of Harry Potter and Jack Sparrow, but in the end I think Indiana Jones is a better fit. Just like you I think he's stubborn, creative, determined, intelligent, independent and likes adventures.
Jun. 30th, 2011 08:59 pm (UTC)
Sci fi; I can see a lot of the doctor in your answers
fantasy; I'm leaning more towards Indiana Jones
Jul. 1st, 2011 01:36 am (UTC)
For Sci-Fi, my first thought was instantly The Doctor, especially from your personality traits :O

For Fantasy, I think you are quite a lot like Westley, again, your keywords were a big decision maker for this :)
Jul. 3rd, 2011 12:36 pm (UTC)
Fantasy: Westley
Sci-fi: Defo The Doctor :)
Jul. 3rd, 2011 06:07 pm (UTC)
Congrats! You've been stamped as The Doctor and Westley!

image:    doctor who,regular,stamp,magic_machines,sci-fi,doctorwestley,princess brid,fantasy,magic_machines,stamp,regular

Please upload the stamps to your own server and continue voting on others! Fill out a theme too if you like!
( 8 votes — Vote )


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