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regular stamps

For our basic stamp, I chose 16 science-fiction characters and 16 fantasy characters that I felt represented their genres well and gave a variety of personalities.

You may be stamped with up to 2 stamps. In your application you can check if you want a sci-fi or a fantasy character stamp (or both) and whether you would prefer male or female (or if you don't care).

Fantasy Heroines

buttercup,princess bride,fantasy,stamp,regular,magic_machines
beautiful, headstrong, sweet, trusting, foolish, delicate, true

Not just a pretty face, Buttercup is the most beautiful woman in the world. In the book, The Princess Bride, Buttercup lacks imagination and is, shall we say, dumb. However, her love for Westley is deep and she is completely uncaring and humble about her great beauty. At first she treats Westley with contempt, but then falls deeply in love with him and mourns his death, vowing that she'll never love another. Buttercup is a classic, fairytale-type princess and damsel in distress.

dorothy,wizard of oz,fantasy,stamp,regular,magic_machines
innocent, courageous, caring, forthright, take charge

Dorothy is first swept away to the magical land of Oz in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and appears in many other novels. Her most familiar adventure starts with a tornado and ends up with her friends, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, the Scarecrow, and her dog Toto defeating the Wicked Witch of the West and returning home. She is portrayed as more passive and helpless in the movie.

elizabeth swan,pirates of the caribbean,fantasy,stamp,regular,magic_machines
spirited, independent, lady-like, heroic, devious, adaptable

 Throughout the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, "Elizabeth Swan transforms from a proper lady into a courageous pirate. Piracy and life at sea have always fascinated Elizabeth, but she is revolted by pirates' aggressive, wild nature... Even after becoming a pirate, Elizabeth retains her sense of propriety, as well as her loyalty and compassion for loved ones." 1

eowyn,lord of the rings,fantasy,stamp,regular,magic_machines
cold, sorrowful, sad, secretive, heroic, strong

A shieldmaiden of Rohan, Éowyn mourns the deaths and sickness of her family and her people. Of noble birth, The White Lady longs to break free from the cages the surround her. Desperate to prove herself, she disguises herself as a man to join in the battle for Middle Earth. She is a strong leader who cares deeply for her people.

hermione granger,harry potter series,fantasy,stamp,regular,magic_machines
clever, insecure, logical, compassionate, intelligent

Known by some as one of the brightest witches of her age, Hermione Granger proves again and again that it's very important to stay in school. Her brain is an encyclopaedia of knowledge, which comes in useful time and time again. Hermione cares deeply for, not only her friends, but all creatures, and would do anything to protect them.

mina murray,dracula,fantasy,stamp,regular,magic_machines
pure, angelic, brave, determined, beautiful

A young schoolteacher, Wilhlemina "Mina" Murray (later Harker) is the heroine of Dracula. Along with her new husband, Jonathan Harker and a doctor/vampire hunter Van Helsing, they attempt to destroy the vampire Count Dracula (who murdered her best friend). She has had many different portrayals - some where she returns to normal, others where she remains a vampire.

impulsive, practical, persistent, good, impatient

Sarah is the heroine of the movie Labyrinth. Annoyed by her baby stepbrother, Toby, she wishes that goblins would come and take him away. Unfortunately, the Goblin King perversely decides to obey her wish and steals Toby away. To rescue him, Sarah must embark on a dangerous journey through the Goblin King's labyrinth took make it to his castle. Along the way she makes many new friends.

xena,xena: warrior princess,fantasy,stamp,regular,magic_machines
dangerous, ruthless, honorable, loyal

The heroine of the tv show Xena: Warrior Princess, Xena is on a "quest to seek redemption for her past sins as a ruthless warlord by using her formidable fighting skills to help people." 2 Her best friend Gabrielle helps her understanding what's right. Dangerous, almost barbaric, Xena has a long way to go before she can be considered good.

Fantasy Heroes

aragorn,lord of the rings,fantasy,magic_machines,stamp,regular

mysterious, heroic, brave, steadfast, humble, selfless, wise, leader

First seen as the mysterious Strider in The Lord of the Rings, Aragorn is eventually revealed to be the true heir to the throne of Gondor. He selflessly helps everyone around him, first Frodo, then the people Rohan, then the kingdom of Gondor. He is a fearless fighter who leads those who have come to love him into battle. While incredibly heroic and powerful, he is good and humble, known as a healer.

king arthur,arthur,fantasy,magic_machines,stamp,regular
kingly, heroic, brave, good, honest, caring, noble, trusting

While there have been many, many incarnations of the legendary king, he is always portrayed as a powerful, wise, good leader. Uniting Britain against the Saxon invaders, he and his Knights of the Round Table brought peace in England. His only downfall was that he was too trusting of those he loved.

edward scissorhands,edward scissorhands: character,fantasy,magic_machines,stamp,regular
innocent, curious, shy, gentle, naïve

An unfinished creation, Edward (you guessed it) has scissors for hands. He "is taken in by a suburban family and falls in love with their teenage daughter Kim." 3 Kind and gentle, Edward is always careful to never hurt anyone with his scissorhands. His naïveté of the outside world often gets him in trouble, and when pressed, he will lose his temper. However, his sweet spirit makes people that take the time to get to know him love him deeply.

harry potter,harry potter: series,fantasy,magic_machines,stamp,regular
gifted, bold, moody, protective, sacrifical

Orphanaged at a young age Harry "on his eleventh birthday learns he is  wizard. He attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to learn magic." 4 There he has many adventures with his two best friends, Ron and Hermione. He is a gifted wizard and a natural leader. Harry wants a family more than anything, especially after being downtrodden throughout his childhood. In the end, it is love that saves him and those he loves.

indiana jones,indiana jones: series,fantasy,magic_machines,stamp,regular
gutsy, charismatic, no-nonsense, creative, skilled

Archeologist and adventurer, Indiana Jones goes on many journeys to discover ancient and priceless artifacts. He does this all while fighting savage cults, Nazis, or Communists, surviving deadly booby-trapped tombs, rescuing various damsels in distress, and mentoring children. Though he often pretends to be callous, his goodness always shines through.

jack sparrow,pirates of the carribbean,fantasy,magic_machines,stamp,regular
dishonest, selfish, treacherous, sly, opportunistic, clever, evil?, honorable?

It's Captain Jack Sparrow, and don't you forget it; never mind that he often seems to be without a ship to captain. His actions always seem to have an ulterior motive, but he does end up helping people - whether he's good or bad is only known by him. Sparrow always looks out for himself first, and it not afraid to run or fight, depending on the situation. He is an adventurer at heart, and a bit mad.

robin hood,robin hood: character,fantasy,magic_machines,stamp,regular
good, skilled, fast, brave, outlaw, just

Known for robbing the rich and giving to the poor, Robin Hood and his Merry Men were outlaws of Sherwood Forest fighting against the wicked usurper Prince John and the corrupt Sheriff of Nottingham. There have been many different versions of Robin Hood, some of which include magic, placing him in the fantasy genre. Though he is considered an outlaw, his just actions are in contrast to the cruel treatment of the people by the Prince and the Sheriff.

westley,princess brid,fantasy,magic_machines,stamp,regular
heroic, clever, witty, good, loving, brave

Starting out in The Princess Bride as a simple farm boy, Westley proves his love to the beautiful Buttercup. He is then presumed dead, under the secret identity of the Dred Pirate Roberts, reunited with his love, betrayed, murdered til almost dead, brought back to life, befriended by a giant and an Italian, and heroically defeats the bad guys. Westley is a classic example of a fairytale hero full of derring-do. Plus he's not actually left-handed.

Sci-Fi Heroines

sci-fi,buffy,buffy the vampire slayermagic_machines,stamp,regular
strong, sarcastic, clever, powerful, extraordinary

A teenage cheerleader gifted with the skills to fight vampires, demons, and other forces of darkness, Buffy is anything but ordinary. Her hometown is unfortunately built on a portal ot Hell, so Buffy and her friends had a lot work cut out for them. She is the antithesis of the classic weak, damsel in distress character.

sci-fi,dana scully,x-files,magic_machines,stamp,regular
logical, practical, smart, skeptical, rigid

In contrast to her partner, Fox Mulder, Scully is practical and skeptical for most of the series of The X-Files. She believes in science, but is often unable to answer for the mysterious things she sees. She is brave and dedicated to her job at the FBI.

ellen ripley,alien,sci-fi,magic_machines,stamp,regular
strong, maternal, brave, dangerous, smart

Finding herself in horrific situations and having to fight physically-superior Aliens, Ripley always acts with courage and does whatever she can to protect her crew. Often more logical than the others around hero, Ripley becomes a natural leader and guide. She is a warrior who fights the aliens with every iota of strength that she has.

janeway,star trek: voyager,sci-fi,magic_machines,stamp,regular
leader, clever, calm, protective, diplomatic

The first female captain of the Star Trek television series, Captain Janeway of Voyager definitely deserves her rank. She has the bravado of Kirk, the diplomacy skills of Picard, and the compassion of Sisko. All her skills are necessary as she must try to get her lost crew home through uncharted space.

princess leia,star wars,sci-fi,magic_machines,stamp,regular
bossy, sarcastic, selfless, driven, dedicated, quirky

Princess of two planets (Alderaan and Naboo), Princess Leia is willing to put that all at risk to fight the control of evil Empire. Throughout the original Star Wars trilogy, Princess Leia goes on many adventures with her recently found twin brother Luke, her off-again-on-again sweetheart Han Solo, and others. Though she occasionally needs to be rescued, she is capable of fighting herself.

sci-fi,terminator,sarah connor,magic_machines,stamp,regular
maternal, brave, clever, courageous, skillful, atheltic

In the various Terminator movies and television shows, Sarah Connor is important enough to have cyborgs sent back in time to kill (or protect) her. In the future, her son will be come the savior of the world. She is strong and becomes proficient in weapons and fighting in order to protect her son, John.

sci-fi,sydney bristow,alias,magic_machines,stamp,regular
adaptable, mysterious, strong, highly trained, intelligent

A spy who realizes her agency is actually bad, becomes a double agent for the CIA, and with the help of her father and friends works to stop the evil that is going on the world. She is known for many disguises, and the show is is aptly named Alias. She has to be both physically and emotionally strong to deal with her missions and the pain of betrayal.

strong, hopeful, calm, stoic, graceful

"Trinity is a computer programmer and a hacker who has escaped from the Matrix, a sophisticated computer program in which most of the human race is imprisoned." 5 She is highly skilled at computers, martial arts, and a variety of vehicles both inside and outside the Matrix. She is able to fight off large numbers of opponents, only defeated by the Agents. Destined to fall in love with the One, it is Trinity who helps save Neo.

Sci-Fi Heroes

image:    doctor who,regular,stamp,magic_machines,sci-fi,doctor
quirky, alien, good, eccentric, mysterious, compassionate

There have been eleven different Doctors on the British television series, Doctor Who, making this the longest-running sci-fi series. "The programme depicts the adventures of a mysterious, humanoid alien,who travels through time and space in his spacecraft, the TARDIS, which normally appears from the exterior to be a blue 1950s police box. With his compaions, he explores, faces a variety of foes and rights wrongs." The Tenth Doctor (picture here) was voted as the most popular portrayal with the Fourth Doctor (who Americans are most familiar with) coming in second.

fox mulder,x-files,sci-fi,stamp,magic_machines,regular
aloof, cynical, enthusiastic, believer, protective, passionate

Fox Mulder is the opposite of his partner, Dana Scully, in that he believes in the paranormal. His job with The X-Files is certainly the place to experience the unnatural. He displays a willingness to figure things out, especially the darker things in his past. He is overprotective of his partner, has manic periods, and has become violent. However, he is a good man on a search for the truth.

funny, under-appreciated, tactless, scientific, misfits, team players

Although 3 (eventaully 4) members of a team, the Ghostbusters are too connected to split up. After starting their paranormal exterminator service, the "Ghostbusters," New York City experiences a drastic rise in ghostly activity. Hired by Dana Barrett, they discover that her apartment has become haunted by a demonic spirit named Zuul, who causes all sorts of problems. Their heroic teamwork saves the day, the city, and the girl.

sci-fi,han solo,star wars,magic_machines,stamp,regular
cocky, reckless, sarcastic, materialistic, good friend, compassionate

A smuggler and mercenary, Han Solo does not start out as the most appealing characters in Star Wars. Despite himself, he gets involved in rescuing the princess, fighting the evil Empire, and becoming a leader for the Rebellion. Throughout the series his bad boy side changes into a selfless hero, though he still keeps his reckless attitude. He is an accidental hero.

james t. kirk,star trek,magic_machines,stamp,regular
self-assured, bold, clever, obstinate, brazen, flirtatious, charming

A young Star Trek captain, Kirk is known for his courageous attitude during his adventures through space. His rugged individualism often causes him disobey Federation rules when he needs to help others. Occasionally, labeled as a womanizer with a new girl each episode, Kirk is definitely a flirt, but his ship and crew always comes first.

sci-fi,star wars,luke skywalker,magic_machines,stamp,regular
young, heroic, brave, rash, naïve, clever

Luke Skywalker longs to get off his boring planet and join the Rebel Alliance. A series of events leads to his dream coming true, though not how would have wanted it. During the Star Wars trilogy, Luke grows from an inexperienced, whiny farm boy to a strong, wise Jedi Knight. 

sci-fi,marty mcfly,back to tthe future,magic_machines,stamp,regular
spazzy, resourceful, proud, clever, accident prone, young

The Back to the Future trilogy "follows the adventures of high school student Marty McFly and scientist Dr. Emmett Brown as they use a modified DeLorean automobile to time travel to different periods in the history of Hill Valley, California." 6 Marty is an ordinary high school boy that must learn to how to fix time paradoxes that he usually accidentally causes.

skilled, strong, faithful, subtle, learning

At the start of the Matrix trilogy, Thomas A. Anderison "is one of billions of humans neurally connected to the Matrix, unaware that the world he lives in is a virtual reality. In his legitimate activities, he is a quiet programmer... but he is also a computer hacker who penetrates computer systems illicitly and steals information, under his hacker alias 'Neo.'" 7 When he is first taken out of the Matrix he is confused and disoriented. However, people around him help him realize that he is the One.


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