Autumn Raccoon

Stamped as Eowyn/Leia - Supernatural Theme

Name: Caitriona
Previously stamped as:

Original Fantasy - Eowyn
Original Sci-Fi - Princess Leia
Avatar - Grace
Fantasy 2000s - Yvaine & Jessie Tuck
Sci Fi 2000s - Inara Serra & Arthur Dent
X-Men - Jean Grey & Archangel
Fellowship of the Ring - Aragorn
Sci Fi Villain - Nero
Fantasy Villains - Davy Jones & Victoria
Alice Mini-series - Hatter
Firefly/Serenity - Inara Serra & Shepard Book
Genre - I got FIVE! (Fantasy Action/High Fantasy/SF Space Opera/SF Adventure/SF Drama)
Harry Potter Kids - Angelina Johnson & Ron Weasley

Would you prefer a [ ] female [ ] male [ ] don’t care or [ X ] both stamps?

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lotr  journey

Returning to Outer Space

Name: Lucy
Age: 20s
Location: US
Do you prefer a [x]male or [x] female stamp or [ ] don't care?
Do you prefer a [ ] fantasy or [ ] sci-fi stamp or [ ] don't care or [x] both?
I've already been stamped as Hermione Granger (fantasy) and Luke Skywalker (sci-fi). Can I get male fantasy and female sci-fi stamps this time?

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  • hilian


Name: Anna
Previously stamped as:
regular fantasy: harry potter & elizabeth swann
regular sci-fi: buffy & neo
lord of the rings: boromir
x men: gambit & dazzler
villains fantasy: captain hook
villains sci-fi: captain nero
alice: the hatter
fantasy 2000: eragon & lara
sci-fi 2000: leonard McCoy & Every Hammond
avatar:Jake Sully
Lost: Kate & Sawyer
Disney part 1: Ariel & Archimedes
Disney part 2: Jasmine & Aladdin
Inception: Eames & Ariadne
Pixar Sci-Fi: Lilo & jim
Friends of narnia: Edmund
Narnian heroes: Caspian X
Harry Potter: George & Ginny
Star Trek 2009: Jim Kirk
Robin and Batgirl (DC Superheroes ]
Would you prefer a [ ] female [ ] male [ ] don’t care or [x ] both stamps?

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Magic Machines

Stamped as Elizabeth, Sydney, Arthur, & the Doctor | Supernatural

Name: Whitney
Previously stamped as:
Elizabeth Swan & Sydney Bristow [regular]
King Arthur & The Doctor [regular]
Grace [Avatar]
Yvaine & Michael Corvin [fantasy movies 2000s]
Nyota Uhura & André Marek [sci-fi movies 2000s]
Cyclops & Shadowcat [X-Men]
Legolas & Sam [Fellowship]
Mystique [sci-fi villain 2000s]
Aro [fantasy villain 2000s]
Alice [Alice]
Mal & Kaylee [Firefly]
Claire & Daniel [Lost]
Polly [friends of Narnia]
fantasy adventure, sword and sorcery, sci-fi thriller, superhero, & urban sci-fi [subgenres]
Katniss & Artemis [ya sci-fi novels]
Saphira & Hazel [ya fantasy novels]
Arthur [Inception]
Eilonwy & Phillip [Disney fantasy part i]
Belle & Hercules [Disney fantasy part ii]
Helen & Sulley [Disney Pixar sci-fi]
Caspian X [Narnian Heroes]
Hermione, Cedric, & Neville [HP Kids]
Chekov & Spock [Star Trek 2009]
Batgirl & Robin [DC heroes]

Would you prefer a [ ] female [ ] male [ ] don’t care or [X] both stamps?

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Theme # 23 : Supernatural

New theme! The amazing tv show Supernatural! I've included 30 options from all throughout the series, so please look through them all! If you have not seen the show, there are definitely spoilers, including the names of the characters, so beware.

Obviously, I could not include every character on the show, so if you see someone with a better fit than those listed below, feel free to vote for them, and I will make a stamp.

  1. Vote on everyone who needs it!
  2. You may have 2 apps out at once as long as you vote on everyone on your 2nd app.
  3. Screen all or none of your votes.
  4. Tag your votes with !needs votes and [supernatural].
  5. Post!
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Misc - magick

Stamped :: DC Superheroes Theme

Name: Louise
Previously stamped as: Sci-Fi Male - The Doctor
Sci-Fi Female - Ellen Ripley
Fantasy Male - Robin Hood
Fantasy Female - Elizabeth Swan
Avatar - Dr Elizabeth Grace
Fantasy Movies 2000s Male - Eragon [Eragon]
Fantasy Movies 2000s Female - Evelyn 'Evy' Carnahan-O'Connell [The Mummy Trilogy]
Sci-Fi Movies 2000s Male - Dr Alexander Hartdegan [The Time Machine]
Sci-Fi Movies 2000s Female - Sonia Rand [A Sound of Thunder]
X-Men Team Members - Cyclops / Jean Grey
Fellowship of the Rring - Meriadoc Brandybuck
Would you prefer a [ ] female [ ] male [ ] don’t care or [X] both stamps?

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Mod Post

Hi all! I have returned, one road trip and one camping trip later! I hope everyone has been having a great summer!

Things seem to be going very slow, not just here, but around most stamping communities, and that makes me sad, but I'm definitely not giving up :)

A few things of note:

1. I've stamped several apps and post all apps waiting in queue, so please give those few a vote, if you will. There's only 3 right now!

2. I'm currently working on a new theme and plan on posting it today. It's going to be super. Hint hint.

3. I've noticed a slight problem with screened apps taking a very long time to get stamped due to a large variety of stamping options, especially on open-ended ones. I've been thinking about this for awhile now, but just haven't been able to come up with a rule that would help this fact, until others have made rules concerning this issue as well.

Screened comments are still allowed. However, if 2 weeks have passed with all different votes, the comments will be un-screened. This hasn't been too much of a problem, but I hate stamping people with 10 different votes and only 2 are the same.

Remember, it is against the rules to screen only part of your comments. If you choose to unscreen your comments (I often screen the first few votes, then unscreen them all to help prevent sheeping), you must unscreen all of them. This has not been a problem, in fact, I think it's often done on accident, but please keep an eye out for that.

Feel free to post an app or vote on others until the new theme gets put up!